Welcome to White Trash Cooking

Say NO to gourmet cookingWhite trash cooking, where Ranch Dressing should be your number one priority son!  Say NO to the time that is needed and the hard to find ingredients to replicate gourmet style food.  It’s about eating ugly food that tastes good and a way of life! In the guts of this type of culture, essential ingredients are the key to a successful white trash recipe. This is not about making a museum art piece from things you gather in the forest.  This is about not being ashamed of eating simple delicious foods on the fly!

yes-to-sandwichesAll of these White Trash Cookbooks are an excellent tribute to the kitchen.  The choice of the selections have full page photographs and do not require Hooked on Phonics to understand them.  They make great wedding gifts for your 15 year old daughter and add some nice color to your kitchen.  We say YES to fun, easy, and innovative meals, and we must pass on our traditions to all of our little cousins, siblings, step siblings, and children.  These cookbooks are THE real true heirlooms.

white trash yummy recipesI have added my own true and tried recipes with giant pictures.  All of my recipes are simple, cost friendly, and doesn’t request the critical thinking skills of a NASA astronaut.  Recipes are added regularly and will always be free to access.  You can bookmark, email subscribe, or you can simply follow my Facebook page.  Most of these recipes are my invention that I put on the coffee table for my own family, however,  some of them have been handed down and have been in our family tree branch for almost 100 years.  YUM.